Long time no see.
I've been lazy for a couple of month to write my blog....

By the way, I'm getting used to work. It's sometimes really quiet (boring) or busy because of a restaurant. I knew it. But co-workers are kind and working with them is very good opportunities to improve my poor English.

It was the first time (in my life) for me to make Nigiri-sushi, Roll-sushi(maki-sushi)..... Tbh, I hadn't thought that I made sushi in th UK... and British co-workers teach me how to make them. It's a bit odd, innit? But British people think that Japanese should know how to make them.... Hmm... we just go to Kaiten-sushi restaurant, don't we?

Two weeks ago, it was boiling in Cardiff, 30℃. I'm used to British weather.... I don' t wanna go back to Japan in 10 days.  It'll definitely be hotter and more humid.... I'll probably die....

So I'm in Japan 12th - 27th of August.

23rd: XVII International Colloquium on Soil Zoology
     - I have the international conference in Japan, Nara.

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